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Welcome to Ruby Cattery

Your pet's health and well-being are our top priority.

We are India’s best platform for connecting pet cat lovers with responsible cattery.

Ruby Cattery is a non-profitable social business model marketplace that believes to provide forever home to cats. This is the only place where you can seek cats for sale or buy cats online in India from respected and informed registered cat breeders.

The breeders strictly adhere to their natural breeding and our volunteers are the well-trained experts who provide 24/7 on call support to our clients. We don’t believe in the cage system. Ruby Cattery is 100% cage-free cattery marketplace. Ruby Cattery volunteers screen every member of our breeder community for quality and make their practices transparent. All Ruby Cats are very healthy and fully active breeds. We take atmost care for them in all sense.

We do best practises for our breeds. We feed them with the best quality food supplies, vaccinate them fully even after sales, gives them warm shelter and all supports in their activities. We love pets and we love our ruby cats more. We are sure that you will also love it.

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