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How to find the right breeder ?

As you can see, the Bengal is an absolutely fascinating cat breed! If you've already fallen in love with this hybrid cat after reading our breed profile, there's just one question left to answer: where do you get hold of such an exotic tiger?

With a very young, modern hybrid breed like the Bengal, it often isn't easy to find a professional breeder. Amongst other reasons, this is due to the housing conditions for wild cats and animals, along with the special needs of an active, primordial breed like the Bengal. A responsible breeder ensures that taking a Bengal cat truly is right for you and your family, establishing contact between the kittens and their future family as soon as possible and accompanying them in their new home.

As a member of a breeding association, the breeder will consider it important for their cats to both match the desired breed type and will assume responsibility for their health. This involves healthcare provision for the parent cats before pairing, tests for potential genetic diseases and veterinary supervision during the mother's pregnancy. The kittens will be taken to the vet after they are born for examinations, injections, deworming and species-appropriate nutrition. Naturally this all costs money and is reflected in the price of a Bengal cat – often around 880 pounds. Cats intended for breeding are a bit more expensive. However, a breeder doesn't get rich from this price, which merely covers the costs incurred...

Features of Our Cats

As a hybrid breed, Bengal cats are often larger than domestic cats. These supple but athletic cats weigh up to 7kg and can reach up to 70cm in height. The Bengal's strong bodies are supported by long, muscular legs, whilst the head proves relatively small and is dominated by high cheekbones and large almond-shaped eyes, which are usually green or blue. The ears are small with rounded tips but have a wide base.

Bengal cats are certainly lots of fun! They are clever and docile; therefore need lots of attention to point their urge for activity in the right direction. Lovers of Bengal cats often claim that mere cuddles and play aren't enough to keep a hybrid cat entertained. Target-training and work with the clicker also form part of a cat-appropriate environment with no risk of boredom. Bengal cats really love water and climbing. Safe outdoor access ensures that they don't get bored and can act upon their urge for activity. A large garden is of course ideal, but a secure balcony with lots of climbing opportunities is also suitable for calmer cats.

From later generations, the character of the Bengal cat is similar to that of other more active cat breeds without wild cat blood. Even the housing of hybrid cats from this point onwards is only slightly different from the species-appropriate housing of other energetic cats. A secured outdoor area or balcony with lots of scope to play, climb, scratch and hide away is ideal to ensure that Bengal cats can meet their activity requirements

Housing a Bengal can prove highly demanding for cat lovers used to more tranquil breeds. But the Bengal is an intelligent and docile breed, so it's actually really fun to take on the challenge!

The Bengal is exceptionally healthy as a young, primordial cat breed. Nevertheless, a genetic disease was identified in 2011 that can lead to blindness during the first year of life through degeneration of the retina.

The best healthcare provision for Bengal cats is a species-appropriate food and annual check-up at the vet's. Many hybrid breed owners give raw food, since numerous Savannahs and Bengals appear to be sensitive to industrial cat food and bacteria in the diet. In principle, high-quality prepared food in cans or trays provides your Bengal cat with everything it needs for a long, healthy life! If you opt for raw food, thorough familiarization is a key. With the right supplements and natural additions, you can ensure that your cat is fed very healthily.

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